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How Does The SkinMaster System Work?
The SkinMaster System utilizes targeted mechanical and electrical energy for outstanding beauty results. Skin is luxuriously treated without unpleasant crystals or chemicals being used on your face. The SkinMaster System provides a unique program utilizing new technology and targeted products to give you the results you have always dreamed about!

Beyond Microdermabrasion
Microdermabrasion has emerges as today's leading non-invasive cosmetic procedure because it has proven to be safe, gentle and effective. The SkinMaster System, however offers far more then the simple exfoliation provided by conventional Microdermabrasion. Its targeted treatment immediately improves your skin's texture, tone and appearance in a pleasant and effective manner.
- Exfoliation Treatment
- Firming Treatment
- Purifying Treatment
- Intensive Moisture Treatment
- Circulation Treatment
- Clearing Treatment
- Fountain of Youth Treatment

Exfoliation Treatment
The SkinMaster System utilizes unique piezoelectric actuator to exfoliate and deeply cleanse the outer layer of the epidermis (which accelerates cell turnover for healthier and more beautiful skin).

Firming Treatment
Firms and deeply hydrates the outer layer of the skin and plumps up the skin, leaving your skin looking firmed and toned. Effectively combines exfoliation, miniaturization and firming facial mask for superior results.

Purifying Treatment
Cleansing, healing and balancing treatment helps reduce blackheads and whiteheads and helps even-out skin tone. Combines exfoliation, extraction and light moisturization for the ultimate in oily and problem skin care.

Intensive Moisture Treatment
The SkinMaster System heightens the effect of moisturizers and hydrators. Compression and decompression of the tissues improves hydration from the inside out.

Circulation Treatment
Pale and sallow skin make you look tired and drained of energy. The SkinMaster System Circulation treatment dramatically increases blood flow to the skinís surface to facilitate skin nourishment and renewal.

Clearing Treatment
Age spots, sun damage and other discoloration problems caused by accumulations of melanin in the outer layers of the epidermis are treated to help improve the appearance of your skin.

Fountain of Youth Treatment
Oxygen and hydration rejuvenate damaged and aging skin. Fine lines are addressed with targeted products and mechanical energy. Your skin left smooth, glowing and younger looking.
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