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OXYjet leads the industry in safe, effective and non-invasive delivery of oxygen to the skin.

The OXYjet is clinically proven to help reduce fine lines, giving a fresh youthful appearance to the face and neck without resorting to painful needles or expensive surgery.

Why Does My Skin Need Oxygen?
Like all leaving things, your skin needs oxygen to survive, reproduce and regenerate. Oxygen is transported to the deepest layers of the skin by the blood vessels, but as we age, this process becomes less effective. As a result cellular turnover slows down, collagen and elastin are reduced and fine lines discolorations and wrinkles begin to appear.

Hollywood Celebrities Discover the Miracles of Oxygen Facials!
Goodbye to facelifts and skin-peels! Hollywood celebrities have discovered that for younger looking baby soft skin all you need are oxygen facials.

Used by Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox Arquette and Lisa Kudrow to keep them looking young and line-free.

Caprice, famous model and singer, called her oxygen treatments "beyond incredible".

Television celebrity Lorraine Kelly and comedian Jenny Éclair noticed smoother, softer skin after their first treatments.

Uma Thurman, Demi Moore and Sharon Stone rave about the treatments which push pure oxygen and vitamins deep into the skin.

Kristie Alley of "Cheers" proclaimed on the David Letterman Show that oxygen treatments had lifted and tightened her skin.
Madison Spa | 422 Madison Avenue (4th Floor at 48th Street) | New York, NY 10017

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